August 12, 2013 – Hanging out with Eileen and Jim

On my first foray out since my knee surgery, we visit Eileen and Jim who are housesitting for Ali and Van. They have also gotten in some excellent grandparenting time. Eli is one of the cutest babies ever.

Jim with Eli
Jim with Eli

Ali and Van live in the Presidio. It is really beautiful there. They have great vistas of the bay and Golden Gate Bridge. Our first order of business is getting me from the car and into the house. Who knew that stepping over the threshold could be so difficult? Then we have a nice lunch and catch up on all that’s going on with them. And of course it wouldn’t be a visit with the Kendalls without Jim breaking out his portable guitar for a few tunes. Seems like we’ve already forgotten most of the words to “I Am a Apeman” that we learned to sing in Hawaii!
Jim tunes up
Jim tunes up

We enjoy Jim's rendition of 'I Am an Apeman"
We enjoy Jim’s rendition of ‘I Am an Apeman”

After a while we head down towards Crissy Field by the water. We have lucked in on seeing the America’s Cup boats practicing. They really go fast. I wonder if Captain Larry is aboard the Oracle boat.
America's Cup Oracle boat makes the rurn by the Golden Gate Bridge
America’s Cup Oracle boat makes the rurn by the Golden Gate Bridge
Das Boot
Das Boot

What I nice day we have. Hopefully we shall meet up again while they are here in the Bay Area.

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