December 25, 2013 – Christmas in Florence

Merry Christmas!

It is our first Christmas in Florence. Well, maybe our second. A long time ago (1998?) we went on a family trip and I think we woke up Christmas morning in Florence and then took the train to Rome. But today’s Christmas was a little more traditional.

We’ve been accumulating our favorite Christmas foods since last week. Bagels are not so easy to find in Florence where their taste in bread seems to be stale and saltless. But we find them and we have our usual Christmas breakfast of bagels and lox with cream cheese, onions, and capers. Our only deviation is that John picked up Madagascar peppercorns instead of capers. It turns out that they are really tasty and add some extra spiciness.

Bagels and lox, beer and prosecco
Bagels and lox, beer and prosecco

We have a pretty lazy day. We read our books and hang around the apartment. Sarah goes out for a walk. There is some napping. Sarah makes a lasagna for our Christmas dinner. It is delicious! The Italian cheeses have a creamier texture and more vibrant flavor.

Real Italian lasagna made by Sarah
Real Italian lasagna made by Sarah

Tomorrow is our last full day in Florence before heading to Rome and home.

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