January 8-9, 2014 – The (belated) Birthdays

Since we were away on our Italy trip in December, George and I missed celebrating our birthdays. Today we are making up by going to Carmel Valley to do some wine tasting, have a fabulous dinner at Marinus, and stay over at the Bernardus Lodge. Due to some misinformation about the restaurant being open when it is actually closed in January, the nice people at Bernardus have arranged to have us sit at the chef’s table in the kitchen for a multi-course tasting menu.

We start the day doing some wine tasting. We’ve never tasted wine down here in the Carmel Valley and are pleasantly surprised. We go to Talbott, Bernardus, Boekenoogen, Joullian, and Cima Collina.

Mid-afternoon we make our way to Bernardus Lodge. All the staff are very nice. Our rooms are very attractive. After a little lie-down, we get dressed for dinner and meet Karen and George in the lobby.

The four of us looking forward to dinner
The four of us looking forward to dinner

We are shown to our table. It is right in the kitchen! We are greeted by the chef, the chef de cuisine, and the sommelier. We are served some amuse bouche and champagne.

The niche that the chef’s table is in is covered by graffiti. There are some famous names here!
Julia Child ate here!
Julia Child ate here!
So did Jacques Pepin!
So did Jacques Pepin!

Here is what we ate for dinner –

It is all delicious! What a great birthday dinner. Happy Birthday to George and me!

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