November 8, 2014 – A leisurely drive to Trieste

There are two routes one can choose between when driving from Aquileia to Trieste, the fast one on Autostrada A-4 or the slower one on state road 14 which winds its way along the coastline. We decide on the slow route and pull off the road a few times to look at the views.

View along the Adriatic coast
View along the Adriatic coast

We decide to break up the short trip with a stop at Castello di Miramare. Just north of Trieste on a promontory it was built in the second half of the 19th century by the Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian of Hapsburg as a residence for himself and his wife, Charlotte of Belgium.
Castello di Miramare
Castello di Miramare

We walk around the beautiful grounds for a while and stop to have an espresso. We even sit outside as the rain has held off today. Then we head back up the coast towards Trieste.

Since it’s lunchtime we are in favor of finding a seaside restaurant where we will be assured to get great fish. We spy a restaurant and pull over. It’s a good omen, the restaurant’s name is California. Of course we take food pictures –

After a couple of false starts we reach our hotel in Trieste. Our room is actually a little apartment. I think we will be very comfortable at the Palace Suites for the next two days.
We are really looking forward to our two nights in Trieste.

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