March 26, 2016 – to Forli

Before we put Montecatini Terme behind us, I have to say one more thing about our hotel, The Puccini. The staff there, all of them, were the nicest, most hospitable people we have ever met. They made us feel special and I think we all parted feeling like friends. So, big hugs to Elena, Steffi, Rosa, and Marco.

Then we get on the road to Forli. Although it is on the other side of Italy, it is only about a two hour ride. After checking in at our hotel we ride downtown to see if we can get tickets for the Piero Della Francesca exhibit on Easter. We find out that the exhibition will be running on Sunday and that we can get our tickets tomorrow.

We spend a little while walking around the old part of the city and checking out various churches. Unfortunately most of the churches have been totally redecorated and have obliterated all of their early frescoes and statuary. Too bad.

A piece of modern art called Trachea at the San Sebastian Oratorio
A piece of modern art called Trachea at the San Sebastian Oratorio. John says maybe it is St. Sebastian’s trachea with arrows sticking in it. St. Sebastian is always depicted with arrows since that was the way he was martyred. Sarah is skeptical.
The outsized tower at San Mercuriale
The outsized tower at San Mercuriale

Tonight for dinner we go to a local restaurant that is highly rated. At first the hostess says, sorry, no reservation, no table. We turn away saying we’ll find somewhere else to go. What? Fast eating Americans who order and pay for more than they can possibly eat? The staff seems to have a change of heart and someone comes running after us as we enter the parking lot. Apparently they have found a table for us. Hmmm…

I think I am getting tired of heavy food. We order a plate of bruschette, then some pasta for a primo and then I have vegetables and John has rabbit for our main entrees. The portions are enormous and I leave over half of everything. It makes me feel guilty. Starting tomorrow I have to order only exactly what I want and not feel pressured into ordering too much.

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