Mal de mer, Atlantic crossing, day two. 4/1/19

Today, as you can see from the picture, the seas are a little higher with some whitecaps. I start feeling sick right after breakfast and spend most of the day in bed. I need the extra sleep though because I am thoroughly boat lagged and only had about 3 hours of sleep last night.

Higher seas today

Here is our position in the Atlantic Ocean. #2 is St. Martin and #3 is our next port of call in Funchal, Madeira on Saturday. Boats do not go very fast.

Position of the boat

I encourage John to leave me alone and go down to play Trivia where without my stellar help they do worse than yesterday. He also braves lunch alone and brings me back a roll and a cookie. Later he goes to a talk about pirates. Yaarr….

I am feeling better at dinner time and discover that at our restaurant, Manfredi’s, which is on Deck One in the middle of the boat, that there is almost no movement at all. Maybe I need to spend more time down in that area!

Manfredi’s, the Italian restaurant, prepares our dishes to a good or very good standard. The service is better here too. When we leave at 9:45 PM there are still 7 other tables full in our room and no one is trying to shoo them out. Here is what we eat.

First they bring a yummy basket of bread
While we munch on bread, John records our experience in his ubiquitous little notebook
I sample the wine
First course for both of us is octopus carpaccio. It is spectacular!
Then I have tortelli with ricotta and truffle.
John has snail risotto which arrives without the snails
Problem remedied!
Next I have swordfish with watercress. I share this with John.
His entree is mussels with crab in a saffron cream sauce
I order a pistachio torte but it is sweet and dry so John and I share the orange pieces and whipped cream.
John asks for one of his favs which is parmesan and honey

Later as I am lying in bed it seems like every little movement of the boat is amplified. Maybe that it is because I am experiencing it over the length of my body rather than just through my feet. It would be hard, though, to sleep standing up.

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