47th wedding anniversary celebration. 7/17/19

We are excitedly looking forward to our anniversary celebration. The day has certainly started off well with a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses!

Yellow roses

We head up to Healdsburg for an overnight and dinner at SingleThread, a restaurant which has recently received 3 Michelin stars. We have eaten at Michelin starred places before and had some incredible meals so we are looking forward to a gastronomic extravaganza.

A pictorial rendition of our dinner –

We are ushered up to their rooftop bar when we arrive for a welcoming drink (extra $$)
The table looks lovely when we are seated
Our first course is called Early Summer in Sonoma. The server quickly goes through all the things on the display. We cannot remember them all. I know we had an oyster and a piece of lamb. It is mostly raw fish.
An adjunct to the Summer in Sonoma arrives. The abalone is superb, the egg thing is very eggy, and the soup is delicious although mine had one of the pebbles from the presentation in it
This is a presentation of heirloom tomatoes along with kanpachi, pickled wasabi, and white gazpacho. The tomatoes and wonderberry are delicious
A box crab presentation. What? More seafood? Okay at least there is some corn. It is all very sweet.
Ugh, this is Miyazaki Waygu better known as tiny portions of rolled up tasteless, maybe raw beef. Texturally the meat is like mush. The very oily oil with truffles overwhelms everything
What’s this? A piece of peach with some cheese? What is it doing in the middle of the dinner? On the other hand at least it is not more of the same sashimi blandness
Next we have some black cod. This is John’s favorite. It is about a one inch square cube. We get excited when they bring the squash blossom. At first we think it might be bread. Alas, no bread.
Meat!! The lamb is good and served with a fava bean purée and green olives. We get our 2 ounce pour of red wine to go with it.
What the hell is this? They are saying it is waygu beef and farro. It tastes like Scotch broth but not in a good way. I eat the radishes
Serpentine cucumber. this is my favorite dish. It is refreshing and cool and has some texture. It is pretty ugly though.
I am actually eating this dessert with “frozen mugwort marshmallow snow.” The ice cream is good and the Albion strawberries are intense.
Some more dessert things

This is the most expensive meal we have ever eaten.  The blandness of the first five or so dishes is overwhelming. Along with the repetitive tastes and textures we have ordered the incredibly expensive wine pairing.  The first five are all mineral forward white wines from France, Germany, and Austria. The pours are tiny. We figure they are charging about $100 a 6 oz. pour. We ask the sommelier to check back with us after we try the wine so we can discuss it or maybe even ask for something different. He ignores us completely.

At one point the serving person asks me how I liked the sake. I say that sake is not my favorite due to its floral taste. She haughtily asks me where else have I eaten? Like I am some sort of rube that just came in off the potato truck. I am taken aback.

In addition to being ignored and insulted the waitstaff also speaks in hushed whispers. We cannot hear half of what they are saying. Three times we ask them to speak more loudly. They ignore our requests.

There are some really tasty vegetables and bites that stand out in this meal. I give their kitchen staff 3 stars for tweezer use. I also enjoyed their bathroom with the Japanese toilet that opens up as you walk in and shines a purple light on the bowl. The padded seat is warm and inviting.

So next year on our anniversary we will dine at a favorite restaurant which will treat us with respect, have tasty, varied dishes, more and better wine, and not cost an embarrassing amount of money.

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