Recovery Day 2. 11/25/19

John seems almost better today but I am still going through a lot of tissues and feeling sort of miserable. We have breakfast in the room where I get a totally uncooked sausage. It is red, raw inside. Yuck! That is two culinary mishaps so far on this trip. What’s up with that!?

Today is a day at sea so we have nowhere to be. While I nap John goes to a culinary demonstration which turns out to be tiramisu. I have actually made tiramisu once with a recipe that Sarah gave me. It turned out well. I really don’t intend on ever making one again so I don’t feel bad about missing the demonstration. John also spends some time looking at the art around the ship using the Viking Art Guide App.

Around noon he comes back to get me for trivia. The topic is movies. I know one answer out of 15. John only knows a few. We are carried by the rest of the team and score a somewhat respectable 12 which is definitely a losing score. I feel like a movie dummy.

After looking at the lunch offerings in the World Cafe we decide to go down to The Restaurant which is open for lunch on sea days. Lunch is much fancier at The Restaurant than at the World Cafe.

I have a spicy tofu dish which is really good except for the corn. I have been trying to eat vegetarian at lunch.
John has a pork banh mi. He says it is very good.
As a consolation for being sick we order dessert. I have a brown rice pudding which is not picture worthy and John has a banana Napoleon.

In the afternoon I catch up with writing posts for my blog. I had gotten two days behind. Even though John takes lots of notes, once a few days have passed I have trouble remembering everything we did. It will be easy to remember what I did today because it was basically nothing. I am not going to post these entries to social media since they are mostly just about what we ate. John and I find it interesting to post all our culinary delights but most people just find it boring.

As the afternoon wears on we run into a line of thunderstorms. We go to the Explorer Lounge where we can see the lightning in action! Later we go to dinner at “The”.

My starter is cured lomo with peppers and artichokes. It is okay.
John has borscht Rothschild (whatever the Rothschild means)
John’s main course is parrot fish with couscous. It is slightly overcooked but he really likes the couscous.
I have what is supposed to be pad Thai. It is terrible. It is not pad Thai. It is a mashup of the spicy tofu dish that I had for lunch, fettucine, and tomatoes. I send it back and order something else.
I get a double portion of cocktail shrimp.

As we are leaving dinner people are streaming into the Star Theater for a presentation by Patrick Roberts who is a violinist. He plays mostly pop tunes with a prerecorded backup orchestra (that is too loud.) He does do a creditable performance of Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor. We enjoy our evening.

Patrick Roberts trying to be a sexy violinist.

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