January doings, 2022

Well, here it is 2022 and let’s hope that this year will be better than the last two. It is not starting out looking very good. Omicron is the new variant of COVID and while it appears to be not as virulent it is very contagious. Non-vaccinated people are piling up in the hospitals and cases and deaths are up. It is so hard to understand why people are so resistant to life-saving vaccines. It has all become a political football with everyone losing.

But life goes on and at least our whole family is safe, healthy, and protected. Our first celebration of the year is Sam’s birthday. It is hard to believe he is now a teenager.

In celebration of Jon’s 45th birthday, John, Jon, and I take a trip to St. George, Utah. We have a great week of playing tennis, Jon playing golf, hiking, and of course shopping at Harmon’s. We plan out our week to include doing all the things we like best.

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