February, 2022, a quiet month

Since I do not like to leave a whole month unrecorded, this will be kind of a meta post since we did not do much of anything in February. February was a month of planning. We are looking forward to being able to do more now that the pandemic is ebbing. Two big trips that we planned during February are a Viking cruise from Barcelona to Bergen, Norway in April and a 50th anniversary roadtrip in July!

For our trip in April, Sarah will be joining us. It is her first time taking a cruise. We are hoping that she will enjoy it and not be overwhelmed by all the seniors. All of us felt that traveling solo throughout Italy was not in the cards for us yet. If any of us fell ill with the virus then we would be in a place where we did not know the language or what to do. John and I feel very confident with all the protocols that Viking has in place and know that we should be safe and taken care of in case something goes wrong.

For our roadtrip we are heading up to Canada to the AlCan highway. It has always been one of my roadtrip dreams to drive on that highway. Since it heads through pretty wild, isolated country we are only driving on it for a small portion north from Dawson Creek which is Mile Zero. Then we will make our way to Prince Rupert where we will take a ferry to Vancouver Island. Our plan is to arrive in the city of Vancouver for our actual anniversary on July 17 and have dinner in one of our favorite restaraunts, Maenam. The whole trip should take about 3 weeks and I figure if we managed to enjoy each other’s company for 50 years certainly we can enjoy a 3 week cartrip together.

Other than that we mostly played tennis and cooked a lot. Some dinners made-

Grilled lamb chops with braised leeks, fennel, and potatoes for Valentine’s Day

Pan roasted Chilean sea bass with new potatoes and green beans
Lentil stew with carrots and turkey sausage on a bed of kale

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