Traveling to Barcelona April 6 and 7, 2022

Our flight leaves at 1:20 PM. It is recommended that we arrive at the airport 3 hours earlier so we leave the house at 9 AM and we get to the car parking and finish checking in at 10:20. At 10:44 AM we are through security. We kill the rest of the time having breakfast/lunch at the United Polaris lounge which is pretty nice. You can take your mask off while eating or drinking so it is no biggie to have the mask on in the airport. We are careful to stay away from other people which we would do anyway, pandemic or not.

Sarah waiting patiently until flight time.
Some lounge food

First “hoisting of the beer” picture

Once on the plane we are immediately served another lunch.John and I imbibe in a bit of lunchtime wine and Sarah, surprisingly, has a gin and tonic. I know she must be thinking of the time we were flying to LA when the people in front of us on the plane had gin and tonics and they smelled so good. It is definitely vacation time!. John and Sarah have beef short ribs with mashed potatoes for lunch (good choice) and I have salmon which is like shoe leather. After lunch John and Sarah watch movies and I read my book, doze off, and start writing my post.

Mary and John on the plane

Time passes quickly and we arrive in Munich and then onto our flight to Barcelona. we are met by the Viking people and then have quite a bit of rigamarole getting tested before we can get on the ship. All is well and we make it in time for dinner at the Chef’s Table. The menu they are serving tonight is California Cuisine. After a yummy dinner we are ready to crash. it has been a long day!

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