Passover at home 5/1/22

Once we got home from our cruise we were having a hard time finding a date for Passover. Originally I wanted to have everyone over on the Saturday after we got back. I got vetoed on that because John and Sarah thought we would be too jet lagged to cook and host a Passover dinner. So, although it was not ideal since Ryan and Leigh were out of town, we settled on May 1.

Table set for Passover

Jonathan, Alex, and Sam came over an we had a fun celebration. We read the Haggadah, sang a song, ate ritual foods, and had a lovely dinner of grilled lamb with chimichurri, asparagus with sauce grabiche, and a potato au gratin that I bought fully made from Costco. Sarah made macaroons for dessert.

It was a lovely celebration but I wish I had taken more pictures!

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