St. George, UT to Pocatello, ID 7/5/22

Today is a big driving day, probably about 7 hours not including stops for breakfast, lunch, gas, and whatever quick touristy site we can manage to see. We are on the road shortly after 7 AM and about an hour later we have a quick breakfast at McDonald’s in Cedar City, UT. John and I pass the time in the car talking about past trips, what we did, where and what we ate. Food is always an important part of any trip. We have been up and down I-15 several times so there is always a lot of, ”Remember the time we had lunch at Mom’s Cafe and you got a bone in your soup?” sort of thing. While he is driving I am reading old blog posts that bring back fond memories.

We take a break to buy some gas and it is only $5.17. One of the nice things about living in California is that there is little left that can shock you price-wise. Before the prices began to rise we were paying over $4.00 so $5.17 doesn’t seem so bad. Plus we paid over $6.00 at home just recently. I am always trying to look on the bright side.

We stop at The Habit for lunch in Sandy, UT and then make a stop a few miles north of Sandy to see one of the Whispering Giants, a collection of sculptures by artish, Peter Wolf Toth.The sculptures of Native Americans range in height from 20 to 40 feet. At one time there were at least one in each state although some have succumbed to damage from weather or insects. We have now seen two of them, one in Worland, Wyoming and the one of Chief Wasatch in Murray, Utah. Chief Wasatch was not a specific person but is used by the artist to personify the native peoples of the area. I am hoping to see some more of these statues in the future.

Mary and Chief Wasatch

Whispering Giant, Worland, Wyoming

The rest of the afternoon is spent driving. We reach Pocatello around 4:30 and laze around for a while before going out to dinner at The Thai Kitchen. They have our favorite dish that they call ”For Eggplant Lovers.” It is a combination of eggplant, peppers, onions, basil, and tofu in a spicy sauce. They give us a range of spiciness from zero to five. We choose four because we have had this dish when it makes your nose and eyes run. Spiciness level four in Pocatello is merely a little spicy. We could have totally done five!

Spicy Thai basil eggplant with tofu

Tomorrow we are heading up to Missoula, Montana with a couple of stops along the way. Tonight is an early night for us as all the driving has worn us out.

2 thoughts on “St. George, UT to Pocatello, ID 7/5/22

  1. I really like the sculptures (though I guess one is from your photo archives)! Are they carved from tree trunks? They’re amazing!


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