Cranbrook, BC to Hinton, AB 7/8/22

Today is another really long driving day and I have been up during the night trying to figure out a way to make our driving days shorter. So much driving is really tiring and once we get into the mountainous regions where I cannot drive it will exhaust John. However, he just says that he is fine but I think that is a lot of bravado.

I start out the day driving but since we are heading east it is really hard for me to see the road ahead. We switch drivers and John drives for the rest of the day, from 8 in the morning to around 5 in the afternoon.

After we drive for about an hour or so we reach Radium Hot Springs where we will stop for breakfast. We have been here once before but in the intervening years it has become much more ”crunchy.” Lots of vegan dishes and very environmentally aware. These are all good things but I find the actual taste of the food lacking. We each order the breakfast special and also a couple of sandwiches because we are not sure there will be a place to stop for lunch (Good Idea!)

The breakfast special at the Big Horn Cafe in Radium Hot Springs included tasty bread and bacon, weird custardy eggs, and micro-cubes of potato.

I eat the bread and the bacon. John is told that he will have to wait another twenty minutes for his breakfast and orders a breakfast burrito instead.

Then we drive and drive and drive until we reach the entrance to the road that will take us to the Jasper National Park but at this point we are still inside the Banff National Park. The weather is very iffy with bursts of rain, wind, and sunshine. I have a lot of pictures so I guess I will just caption them as explanation as to what is going on.

Jagged peaks with snow and iffy skies as we start along the road towards Jasper National Park.

Bow Glacier (I think)

Chephern Lake with glacial moraine

Chephern Lake looks a lot like Lake Louise with the brilliant blue caused by silt from the glacier deposited in the lake.

The sun is out and everything (except for me) is looking better.

John is looking off somewhere.

I am standing way above the tiny road and river that we have just recently passed. It took a couple of switchbacks and a steep grade to get up here.

We are up much higher with the Athabasca Glacier in the background.

Between the time that John and I have changed places the weather has closed in and it is harder to see the glacier. Plus it is really cold and windy!

We dash to the car and have the sandwiches we bought at breakfast for lunch.

After another hour or so we are back down on the flat and the elk are busily crossing the road and holding up traffic.

We check into our hotel and enjoy the whimsical DO NOT DISTURB sign.

The only thing we have left to do is find some dinner and collapse for the night. We end up having vindaloo, chicken for me and beef for John. They look exactly the same. Dinner is good and we return to the hotel to shower and discuss tomorrow.

Chicken vindaloo with rice and naan plus salad

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