Port Hardy, BC to Nanaimo, BC 7/15/22

Not too much to report today. Getting into Port Hardy so late last night makes getting up and going this morning difficult. I have a few things planned for the ride but we only accomplish one of them. However, it is the exciting visit to the world’s largest burl! The burl is a gift to the town of Port McNeill by Western Forest Products Inc. for unknown reasons. It comes from a 525 year old Sitka Spruce and weighs in excess of 20 tons and has a circumference of about 45 feet. Luckily there are no crowds viewing this mighty burl today so we can take some good pictures.

I’m just a girl who likes a burl.

Burly man

Mostly it is raining the whole way to Nanaimo. We are hoping for some sunshine tomorrow. It has been almost a week of chilly, foggy, wet weather. At 3:30 we decide against going to a farm that is on THE PLAN due to the weather and the fact that it closes at 4 PM. We arrive in Nanaimo around 5.

Nanaimo is a recreational port and is famous for the Nanaimo bar. I think it was once featured as the technical challenge on the Great British Baking Show. I personally have never eaten one but they are a big deal here in Nanaimo.

Creamy, chocolaty three-layer Nanaimo Bars are a traditional Canadian bar cookie whose origins are in Nanaimo, British Columbia. The bottom crust is graham cracker, almonds and coconut, the middle filling is a sweet custard-like buttercream, and the top is melted chocolate.

Here is a picture from our 15th floor window of the little harbor in Nanaimo.


Our dinner tonight consists of a happy hour half-off flat bread which is very good and some chickpea fritters which are less successful.

Yummy fungi flatbread

Traditional John beer picture

Tomorrow we catch the ferry to Vancouver and start our 50th Anniversary Weekend!

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