Oak Harbor, WA to La Push, WA 7/19/22

This morning when we wake up it is bright and sunny. It is a fine day for taking the ferry from Coupeville to Port Townsend.

Approaching Port Townsend on a beautiful morning

Ferry dock on the left

Our first order of business is to do some more shopping for both clothes and food. Our lodging tonight is self-catering and pretty far from stores and restaurants so we want to be prepared for our two day stay with food for dinners and breakfasts at least. I also need to get more cool weather ware to replace the clothes that I threw out.

We end up at a WalMart and have a hard time finding anything sweatshirt-like. The sales associate laughs when we asked about sweatshirts saying that was fall not summer clothing. I guess they must be used to going around in shorts and short sleeves when it is 60F. I find a couple of leftovers, not the right size but they will have to do.

We head through the Olympic National Park which is just astounding beautiful. The trees here in Washington are magnificent and there are ferns everywhere. We stop at Crescent Lake for some picture taking.

Crescent Lake
Mary at Cresecent Lake (you can see one of my bites if you zoom in on my left elbow, ugh)

On our way to Quillayute River Resort we have to pass Mary Clark Rd., my namesake street. John has plotted a course so we can drive the entire length of the road. I am a little disappointed to see that there has been some clear-cut logging on several plots of land. Of course we have to take some road pictures.

Who wouldn’t stop for Mary Clark Rd.!?
Here I am with my eponymous street sign

We reach our digs about 4 PM and it is so nice to be here. We stayed once before about 4 years ago.. The property is beautiful and the kitchen is well-equipped. John declares it is cocktail time and we dig into our stash of munchies. Later he cooks a steak on a charcoal grill outside our unit. It is a delicious dinner.

The grill is heating up in front of our unit

John grilling our steak and baked potatoes

Yummy dinner

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