A Day in the La Push, WA area 7/20/22

We start the day by having a vacation from our vacation. We work on our puzzles and I read a book. It is nice to just sit around, have a second cup of tea, and just relax. Our vacation has been very busy with lots of driving and sightseeing. We can take half the day off.

Around 1 PM we drive over to Forks, WA, the nearest big town about 10 miles away, to pick up some lunch sandwiches, a bag of chips for later, and a bottle of wine. After lunch we walk around the property.

The marine layer has burned off and the flowers are looking beautiful

Closer look at the flowers

The Quillayute River runs right behind the resort

The confluence of the Sol Duc and Bogachiel Rivers just to the north of the property make the Quillayute River which runs out to the Pacific Ocean

I love the woods here. Everything is so lush and ferny.

The ocean is about four miles from here and we decide to drive over and see what it is like at the beach. It is part of Olympic National Park. What a difference four miles make! At the beach the marine layer gives everything a gray tone although both these pictures are taken in color!

No bathing suits at this beach! It is pretty chilly, probably in the upper 50s. There are the bleached out remains of trees that have washed ashore and the ground is covered with pebbles.

Cold man and the sea
Carcasses of trees

Pebbles not sand

We take some pictures but it is too cold to stay very long.

A Mary bump on a log

Selfie time!

We are making dinner again tonight and after some wine and chips we get down to business. Our meals here have been really good!

Whole grain penne with broccoli and tuna

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