La Push, WA to Astoria, OR 7/21/22 and homeward

We start out from La Push on another gray morning. The trees here in Washington are immense and seem endless.

We stop in Gray’s Harbor to see the Lady Washington that was in The Pirates of the Caribbean. The guy on board is not Captain Jack Sparrow.

We stop in Raymond, Washington where there are a ton (literally) of steel sculptures. It kind of reminds me of all the chainsaw sculpture we saw in Chetwynd, BC. I am wondering in ten years whether they will have room for it all. The picture is thanks to Willapa Harbor organization.
Moo and John

InWashington, Oregon, and British Columbia we see endless streams of logging trucks. Many areas show thoughtful management of forests but we still see a lot of ugly clear-cut plots.

The world is my oyster! @ our next stop at South Bend, Oregon

Chinook mounted carving in South Bend, WA

John with a Washington fisherman

We find a nice nearby restaurant that we can walk to and John has pan-fried oysters and I have spaghetti vongole which they call clam pasta. Both are good.

Astoria, OR to Grant’s Pass, OR 7/22/22

Today we were supposed to be having lunch at Addi’s, an Ethiopian restaurant in Springlfield, OR. Unfortunately they are closed. I assume they could not make it through the tough times of the pandemic. I find a place called Bon Mi in Eugene, OR where they have a small pho and 1/2 banh mi special. Yum!

A big, small bowl of pho and half a banh mi

I know it is our last night before returning home but I am just too tired to go to the trouble of eating out so we go to the nearby WinCo supermarket and get a sandwich which we split. At this point going out to eat is over-rated!

Grant’s Pass, OR to home 7/23/22

We get up early and are on the road before 8 AM. We have a long way to drive today. Only notable thing is that I am driving and I go around a curve and there is a big bridge over the very depleted Shasta Lake Reservoir. Eek!!! John says pull into the gore point of an on ramp! So I do and avoid having to be the driver. It’s not easy when you have a phobia and you have to take into account every high water or land crossing. I wish I could get over it.

We get home about 3 PM. It has been an awesome road trip and we have seen so many interesting things. Yes, we had some troubles with the bugs and the chilly rainy weather but all in all the trip is a success. I am ready to stay home for a while. (Famous last words.)

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