Bratislava, Slovakia. November 8, 2022

The boat does not reach Bratislava until lunchtime today so this will be a quick stop with a walk around the town. But first there is lunch. Meals are very important when you are on a cruise. The lunches and dinners are chosen from a menu rather than cafeteria style. I imagine that helps Viking control waste. There is a set every day menu and additional daily specials.

After lunch we meet our guide dockside and head into the city. We are planning on staying with the tour for a while and then heading off on our own. Here is some of what we saw.

One of the first things that we see is the statue in tribute to Ludovit Stur , a 19th century Slovakian patriot who led the revival of Slovakia and was against creeping magyarization.
There are a lot of statues in Bratislava. This one is of Hans Christian Anderson who once visited Bratislava.

This is a memorial on the site of a synagogue that was torn down during the Communist regime in order to build a highway. Really horrifying .

St. Martin’s Cathedal stands right behind where the synagogue was. The front of it now overlooks the highway.

At this point Sarah and I leave the tour to do some wandering around on our own; There are a couple of whimsical statues that we want to see.

A typical street in the pedestrian center of Bratislava.

This is no one in particular, just a guy tipping his hat to tourists.

Finally this is Kumil which translates as watcher. He is emerging from a man hole. Supposedly he is either a Communist worker who does nothing or a voyeur looking up ladies’ skirts.

At this point it is getting late in the day and I do not want to be walking around on uneven ground in the dark after my fall yesterday. So we head back to the boat. Later we go down for dinner where I choose really badly. I do not like peas but I figured that they could not be a major portion of the dish described, I was wrong.

Tomorrow we are off to Vienna. It should be fun!

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