Linz, Austria. November 11, 2022

We start off the day in chilly and foggy Linz with a walk-around tour of the city. We learn from our guide that Linz was the city that Hitler had the fondest memories of. In fact he hoped to make it the cultural capital of the Third Reich and the diamond of the Danube outshining Budapest and Vienna. He particularly disliked Vienna since it was there that he had been rejected from art school. He drew up elaborate plans for Linz along with scale models of future buildings which never came to fruition, thank goodness. Linz since the war has become a modern city with much emphasis on high tech.

We walk around the large town square where there is a throwback to an older bad time for Linz, the Holy Trinity or Plague Column.

The Holy Trinity or Plague Column in Linz

At the base of the Plague Column is a beautiful planting of chrysanthemums and decorative kale.

We continue our walk-around. Our guide points out good places to eat and to have beer. We take note. We end up at the old cathedral which opened in 1669. Like many other churches we have seen in this area wood is the predominant medium to work in.

Altar at the Old Cathedral

Sarah and I go off on our own after the tour. We have a debate over is it too early for a beer. It is only 10:58. Sarah remembers an article from The Onion where the headline was “Area man says, F—— it, eats lunch at 10:58 AM. So we go into Bruckner’s, the place that the guide has recommended for a beer and a pre-lunch snack.

Sarah enjoys a pre-lunch beer

During our pre-lunch we make our plans for the afternoon. We decide to check out the Schlossmuseum or castle museum. According to the website, “The Schlossmuseum Linz provides a comprehensive insight into the natural, cultural, and artistic history of Upper Austria from prehistory and early history to the 21st century.” Obviously we cannot see everything. What we are interested in are the exhibits of medieval religious art.

It is a long trudge up a cobblestones street to the museum perched at the highest point in the city. Sarah takes good care of me, holding my arm or hand all the way up the hill. We stop and take some pictures at the view of the city.

View from the castle grounds over many-steepled Linz.

As we step into the area of early Germanic religious art, we think, YES! This is what we have been looking for!

This area has art from the 13th to the 15th century. Most of. It is carved and painted wood.

Making a deal with the devil?

And who doesn’t enjoy seeing a cephalophore? When St. Denis was beheaded in the 3rd century he continued on his way for several miles carrying his head and giving a sermon on repentance.

After quite a long time in the museum we make our way down the cobbled hill to the town square in search of some post-lunch. We settle into The Glockenspiel where we get a yummy coffee drink plus a sausage and roll.

Fancy coffee with cookie

Happy sausage on a plate with a roll plus mustard and horseradish, We give up on trying fit the hot dog into the roll.

We find our way back to the boat and the rest of the day is given into going to an explanation of how we are disembarking from Passau, our next stop. For dinner we find nothing of interest so choose to have a steak off the every day menu. It is actually quite good!

Tomorrow we will reach Passau, Germany which is our last port on this cruise. We will take a look around Passau on Saturday and then head for Munich airport on Sunday. Only one more post left!

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