Chilly St. George. 1/23/23

It is pretty cold here. The normal high for today is 55F and it has been as warm as 70F. But not today. It is around 30F when we wake up and is supposed to hit a high of 45F around 4 PM. Jonathan is undeterred by the weather. John and I are totally deterred.

Jonathan decides he will play golf at Bloomington Country Club which is the place we are staying at. He has new clubs and a little cold weather is no problem. He explains to me that in St. George you can tolerate a much wider range of temperatures. So 40F, no problem. In the summer, 100F, no problem. He loves it here. I know he wishes that we had not sold our house in St. George but understands our reasoning.

Golf hole at Bloomington Country Club

Off he goes around 11AM and he plays with some other guys and also by himself. He likes playing alone because then he can play two balls on each hole. It is a new course for him and he scores 95. He recounts his successes and errors when he gets back.

While Jon is playing golf, John and I go shopping for binoculars at Walmart. We still have hope of seeing the Green Comet. Binoculars are very expensive we find out. The cheapest pair they have costs $114.00. Since we have a perfectly good pair at home we decide that either we will try to see it just with our eyes or wait until we get home. It should be nearest the earth on February 2. The trouble with trying to find it at home is that there is way too much light pollution. It is much darker here.

For dinner we have penne with tomato sauce and meatballs. We make the entire pound of pasta so we will have leftovers for lunch. I go to the trouble of making my own sauce but I must admit to using frozen meatballs.

Penne with tomato sauce and meatballs

After dinner we watch “Wallander”, a detective/mystery program starring Kenneth Branagh. We have watched it before but it is our St. George thing to do with Jonathan. We all admit to forgetting most of it anyway.

One thought on “Chilly St. George. 1/23/23

  1. It all sounds so normal – and so lovely!! Thanks for the tip about “Wallander” – we’ll try it.  We watched a new show last night, “Poker Face.” It’s got an interesting premise (a girl who can always tell when someone is lying) and a “Columbo-like form


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