Golf, tennis, and steak! 1/24/23

I am afraid that our daily posts will be somewhat monotonous. Every day Jonathan will play golf and John and I will enjoy leisure time reading and doing our puzzles. Jonathan is afraid we will be unhappy not doing much. He underestimates our ability to be content.

Jonathan tries to get a tee time at a different course today but it seems they are all booked up. I am surprised that so many people would want to play cold weather golf. I guess since St. George is the warmest place in Utah and is snow-free, it makes it the perfect place for vacationing. It is also Mormon-friendly so an excellent place for people from Salt Lake City to drive down to. Jonathan decides to play at Bloomington CC again. He plays alone so manages to play 36 holes using his 2 ball method. His score is better today, 88!

He gets back and now we are all going to play tennis. Ah, to be young again and have this much energy! We head over to the courts here only to find out that at 4PM the courts are totally monopolized by their youth program.

Tennis courts at Bloomington CC

I have not put on 4 layers of clothing to find out that we are not playing! I suggest we go over to the St. George tennis park. Once again there are kids playing on the courts. We start playing on an empty court. The coach walks over. Luckily it is the same coach as we had several years ago. He recognizes John and Jonathan (I am always the nobody of the group) and there is much hand shaking and talking of old times. Yay, we can stay on the court until 5 PM.!

John running for a shot

Jonathan up at net

While Jonathan was out playing golf John and I went grocery shopping for dinner tonight. We are having steaks on the grill, twice-baked potatoes, and broccoli. John does an expert job on the steaks and I made very good potatoes and broccoli. Of course no one was able to finish their steak but everyone is looking forward to lunchtime steak sandwiches or maybe even steak and eggs for breakfast.

Ribeye steak, twice-baked potato, and broccoli
Jon enjoying dinner

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