Christmas Eve and Christmas, 2022

Christmas Eve which we call Pilat Eve was celebrated at our house with lots of hors d’oeuvres and lots of fun! We ate tons, unwrapped presents, Alex and Sam looked for the right number of Santas to solve John’s quiz, we played Pictionary, and of course sang a lot. Here are some pictures from the evening.

Sam, Leigh, and Alex with fancy headwear

Ryan has one too!
Jon and Leigh watch as kids open gifts

And more gifts

Sarah and Jon

Alex and Sam with Ryan and Leigh

On Christmas morning we had our traditional bagel, lox, and beer breakfast.


Later in the day we took a couple of pictures before we headed off to Jon and Ryan’s. Jonathan made a fabulous prime rib dinner. (Unfortunately I neglected to take any pictures ☹️.)

Mary and John, Christmas, 2022
Sarah and mom selfie

Santas rule! December, 2022

This year I cajoled the family into letting me put up most of my Santas. Although John nearly fell off the ladder we managed to get all the Santas down with no actual people hurt. We must, however, bid adieu to Mailman Santa who accidentally fell off the mantle and smashed his legs into a zillion pieces. We left his place empty among the Working Group as a remembrance.

Thanksgiving, 2022

We celebrated Thanks giving at Jonathan and Ryan’s this year. There was a change in format with everyone chipping in a Thanksgiving themed hors d’oeuvre. It was fun, casual and relaxed. Some pictures from the day.

Veggie turkey and dip

A plateful of hors d’oeuvres
Jonathan and family

Alex gets a kitty. 10/3/22


The newest member of our son’s household and pet to Alex is Ebi. Ebi is about a year old and is reported to be a very friendly kitty. That’s great because we have had cats that were very friendly at the shelter but then turned into not so friendly tyrants when we got them home. (Gilbert, I am talking about you.)

Ebi is Japanese for shrimp. Ebi, the kitty, has the coloring of a shrimp which I think is the rationale behind the name. Welcome to the family, Ebi!